Isle of Barra Oysters

Isle of Barra OystersLike a wine grape an oyster is the result of where and how it is grown, so, when we first discovered just how delicious the oysters that grew in the cold, pristine waters of the Atlantic that surrounds our beautiful island were we got very excited. We realized we had found some real gems. We had a vision – to create one of the country’s best oyster farms, our specially designed rearing pods have been built to allow a carefully controlled flow of water to pass over these tiny creatures allowing them to feed as and when they like.

These nursery pods are in a sheltered sea loch which is tidal, allowing a good and sustainable feed source for our oyster spat. The feed is supplied by the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding this beautiful island in the Outer Hebrides.

Deliveries can be made between Tuesday and Friday each week. Please note we cannot offer weekend or Monday deliveries.

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